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From this issue the BEAT  will regularly nominate the best of the numerous demos which arrive daily at the editorial office. It turned out once again in this month that nearly each music genre can produce good music, as our winners pursue a completely different musical approach.

3th winner

Eorb: midifiles

Ralph Ulbrich being behind the project eorb, who,  by his own account , produces electronical music for six years now and who has made-known his works exclusively in his circle of friends by his fictitious record company BROE-LTD. Ulbrich’s music may be classified in the category “Ambient” without wanting to open too unambigious drawers. The “midifiles”invite to chill, some other more hectic Beat certainly makes you want to dance in the club. The graduate educationalist  and primary school teacher produces his tracks with Reason 2.5 and Yamaha QY 70.